In the Kingdom of Avondale, our heroes stand before an audience of nobles, wisemen, rich merchants, and royalty. The combat wombats work together to make their fortune and build their fame in the 2nd annual Peace Games, hosted by their illustrious regent, King Titan, first of his name, Lord Protector of the Realm. Following the unification of the continent under Titan’s benevolent rule, King Titan hosted the Peace Games. One hundred days of intense combat, fighters and magickers pitted together against powerful, exotic denizens from all over the world.

Tens of thousands from across the continent have traveled to Titan’s arena, some to become legend, and others to watch legends being born. Within the walls of the arena, warriors become gods. Only the strongest will win the hearts of the mob and find themselves victorious. Do the combat wombats have the tenacity to become champions or will they die trying?

Combat Wombats