Combat Wombats

Session 1 - Enter the combat wombats

Fwoosh, Feelaz, Furree, and Fabby walked upon the cold stone of the arena floor. From above them, a thousand eyes looked down, judgement being cast upon the seasoned warriors. For days they had fought, toiled, bled, and cried, vying for a chance to fight upon these very stones. After securing their place amongst the exibition matches, the combat wombats finally have their first real fight. The game master takes over the voice box, his words echoing across the crowd.

“My dearest gentlefolk! Here we have a brand new team from insignificant outskirts of the kingdom. They will face off against a foe truly terrible to behold! Can this inexperienced team possibly survive? Let’s hear it for the combat wombats!”

A cheer went up from the crowd and the team took their places. Trap doors opened in every wall and giant insects started crawling through. A pair of spiders, a scorpion, and a large ant crawled into sight and immediately attacked the warriors. Thimble was quickly encased in web and pulled into the wall by one of the spiders, slowly being dragged upwards in the arena. On the other side, Feelaz and Furree fought off the others. Babby was yet donning her armor and could not avail her teammates. Still, despite the lack of Pelor’s light, the combat wombats prevailed over the oversized bugs. The crowd responded with hearty cheers and roared when the team asked for more combat.

Their second fight proved to be an even bigger challenge. The arena filled with water and beasts from the distant lakes and rivers in Avondale leaped into the tank, giving the wombats no reprieve. Despite the sheer power of the crocodile, the force of the angler, the guile of the cave crawlers, and the deadliness of the Archerfish, the combat wombats prevailed leading to another wild cheer from their audience.

The game master looked at the heroes. All four of them led the crown in a chorus of cheers. There was no way they would stop now.



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