Fwoosh and his pet mantis, Feelaz, entered the tournament with Fabby and Furree on a dare from their mutual friend, Fanboy. At least, that’s how it started.

While preparing for the tournament, he got wind that a dwarf from his former clan was also entering. He had not seen Fokker since the day he and his traitorous mother let the drow swoop in on their former home…

Fwoosh allowed a certain measure of pride get to him, but he did try to keep some composure. The Ferroforge clan stood for honor over the hubris of glory, an endless endurance in fighting for friends and family, and a quiet dedication to difficult deeds, both in the home and on the field of battle. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel his chest swelling and his heart racing as the tournament continued. As he and his companions won battle after battle, the once barely-remembered name of his clan echoed through the stadium as the crowd cheered for Fwoosh the Ferro-cious.


h2. Weapons
Weapon of Defense 2/3 (preferred) level 9/14
Predatory Weapon 3 Level 13
Learning +2/
3 Level 10/15

Note that splint is preferred over regular scale
Armor of Sacrifice (preferred) 2/3 Level 10/15
Armor of Attraction 3 Level 14
Armor of Dwarven Vigor +2/
3 Level 7/12
Briartwine Armor 2/3 Level 8/13

Shield of Deflection (paragon) Level 12
Shield of Defiance (heroic) Level 8
Wyrmguard Shield (heroic) Level 8

Amulet of Life 1/2/3 Level 5/10/15
Amulet of Physical Resolve +2/
3 Level 7/12
Steadfast Amulet 2/3 Level 8/13
Safewing Amulet 2/3 Level 8/13

Belt of Sacrifice Level 7
Diamond Cincture Level 10


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